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Four days Bathroom training course in Melbourne at the Academy of Advanced Spirito Libero on Venetian PlasterMarmorino, Istinto and microcement products. The cost is $2000 and the price include launches and drinks, ongoing support, and a certificate of completion.

In the training course we will teach how to make over real size Shower a carrara marble look ,concrete look, natural finish and many different and trendy techniques.

We’ll explain how to make Microcement on floor from start to finish and also we’ll make 3 different effect with this troweled on super resistant product for big area floors and furniture.

Training Course:
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We offer a wide range of educational experiences where you can learn both the techniques and creative sides of our profession.

We sell all products, tools and mural artwork to the public and professionals.

4 day advanced course:
  • 1st Day:

    Theory and technical product information, Explanation of surface preparation, Application of the first coat of any product

  • 2nd Day:

    Explanation of Microcement on floor, Tinting and measuring all the products for the day after, Application of 2nd coat in some shower

  • 3nd Day:

    Theory and practice of new artistic technique, Final coat application with Microcement, Burnishing the finished product

  • 4nd Day:

    Sealing the shower and floor with specific waterproof product, Introducing the new Epoxy sealer for vertical surfaces, Explanation of Pricing and final picture with certificate

After the Bathroom training course, each person will receive the certificate of achievement from Advanced Spirito Libero.

Drinks and launches will be provided during the whole sessions.

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Bookings And Payments For Any Of Our Courses Will Be Accepted Up To 10 Days Prior To The Course Commencement Date.

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The cost of the program is $2000 and includes
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    Four days of tuition

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    Certificate of completion

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    Ongoing phone

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    Lunches and

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Please Be Aware That We Have Limited Spots Available For Each Course.

Please Contact Us If You Have Any Questions About The Availability Of Our Artistic Polished Plaster And Venetian Plaster training Classes And For Any General Enquiries.

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Our artistic polished plaster and Venetian plaster training classes are suitable for novices and professionals alike, with our materials also being available to individuals and professionals.

Contact us today to enquire about our Venetian plaster training course and availability and any enquiries regarding buying, product availability and pricing.