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Advanced Spirito Libero have the exceptional skill and experience to apply Tadelakt throughout your home, a plaster known for its rich heritage, stunning finish and incredible durability. The process of applying Tadelakt is truly an artform, being a Moroccan plaster technique used to waterproof cisterns and coating wet environments. Known to be incredibly impermeable, Tadelakt can be compared to the mortars used by the Romans during their construction of cisterns, baths and aqueducts.

The superior Tadelakt plaster has been used outside of Morocco for over 1000 years and is still perfectly intact today on some historic buildings.

When working with a plaster as gorgeous as Tadelakt, expert workmanship is required. The team at Advanced Spirito Libero can apply Tadelakt to shaped surfaces, rounded corners and organic shapes. An extensive application process is necessary, with the bonding strength increasing over a period of 10 days and being fully set after 30 days.   

When applied by the expert team at Advanced Spirito Libero, Tadelakt creates a smooth, polished look. This makes it particularly suitable for feature walls, entry areas, handrails, bedheads and more. Additionally, Tadelakt is extremely durable in wet environments like bathrooms, laundries, showers and toilets, having been developed for use in baths and cisterns. Tadelakt provides a beautiful sense of tranquillity and continuity to your home thanks to its seamless and smooth texture. When used in bathrooms, Tadelakt creates a spa-like ambience, turning your bathroom into a private oasis.

Those who wish to have a tile-free bathroom or one that provides a sense of continuity that is different to the standard bathroom should consider the stunning option of Tadelakt plaster. For professional and artistic Tadelakt application, look no further than the artisans at Advanced Spirito Libero.

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