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Eaglemont Project: Victorian style

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Victorian style

It’s very common in prestigious suburbs to deal with renovations of heritage buildings, as was the case with this Victorian house in Eaglemont undergoing massive extension work.

Our challenge was to create a finish that was able to link the existing Victorian style to the sophisticated modern kitchen.

Our recommendation was to use a high textured ISTINTO finish resembling a Victorian moulding pattern in combination with a natural grey wax that blended perefctly with the subtle concrete finish on the ceiling of the kitchen.

The unique, custom designed finish showcases our innovation, as it required a large amount of time to develop the technique and to create  the specific tool that embossed our product with the pattern to reflect the original Victorian style.  The wall finish offered a style that linked the character of the rooms together, while making each room a feature in its own right.

This is a great example of how we work, creating unique artwork with a touch of finesse.

Mario Speziari