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Lebanon Maronite Catholic Church

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Our lady of Lebanon located in Thornbury, is the main church in Victoria dedicated to the Lebanese Maronite Catholic community.

We were allowed total freedom to create and choose the decorations, inspired by the architecture,to match the existing marble floor and the colour theme of the Eastern Church.

To emphasize the Tabernacle and the glass work representing the “fire of God”, we introduced a strong earthy Marmorino on the altar giving depth and contrast to the solemn mosaic arch.

Using a consistent style the same finish was applied in the side niches illuminating them with a gold wax that enhanced the spiritual icons.

 We transformed the raw concrete  borders of these niches and the Lebanese lead work representations of the Saints, by creating a veiny sandstone finish that matched perfectely with the structural ochre brick walls.

To create a welcoming feeling into the Church and emphasize the Virgin Mary glass work,  an antique limewash with its characteristic cloudy effect was used to brighten up the main icons.  This impact was further enhanced by our gilding of the frames.

The beauty in working in religious places of worship is to use our passion and skills that create an atmosphere promoting deep spiritual feelings that glorify best the house of God.

Mario Speziari