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Melbourne mural fresco project

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This is an example of how we work with customised mural fresco painting (wet on wet artwork known as Michelangelo technique).

Firstly, we engaged in conversations with the client to determinate their preferences and the atmosphere and mood they wanted to create. We took all matters into consideration including; the surrounding environment, the style of the house, the source of light, the perfect area to have a dramatic effect (entry) and the client’ s religious beliefs and practices.

1st stage: We photographed the area before commencing the design process.

2nd stage: We worked with our graphics to create three different design proposals.

3rd stage: We liaised with the costumer to determine thei preferred design before ordering the mural fresco painting directly from our team of skilled artist in Italy.

4th stage: We received the mural fresco from Italy and installed the artwork the following day, using gold to add an extra dimension and an elegant touch to the artwork.

5th stage: We decorated the rest of the room with colours that complemented the mural fresco, using Marmorino on the walls, Faux Marble on the arch and a French style application of gold detail on the cornices.

The process, from beginning to end, took only three weeks to complete and is a testament to our commitment in delivering the best luxurious finishes of our time. Ten years ago, delivering mural fresco painting in such short amount of time was unthinkable. We pride ourself on being at the forefront of such advances and inspiring oyhers to incorporate artistic mural frescoes into their homes, work places or places of worship.

Another satisfied costumer and rewarding project for our team ….Advanced Spirito Libero